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Anonymous asked:

Any idea if Colin has ever really been homeless? In the q and a for parked, he sort of smiled and said no comment.wouldn't he just say no if it wasn't true? Also do u think Colin really did do drugs at all for filming, even just to try it to method act it properly? I know about the herba cigs but the heroin? Finally, any update about casting for the rising? I am kinda desperate for Colin to do an Irish national film, given how significantly the troubles affected his life!


Again, many questions, so I will just take them one at a time.

Any idea if Colin has ever really been homeless? In the Q and A for Parked, he sort of smiled and said no comment. Wouldn’t he just say no if it wasn’t true?

First, you forget that this is Colin we’re dealing with. He’s liable to say “No comment,” if you asked him whether the sky looks blue! However, I could see where his answer would beg the question, because it did make me wonder a bit as well.

And, no, I actually have no idea for sure if he’s ever been homeless, but given what we do know about his past, we can extrapolate a bit. He grew up in Armagh, and his family still lives there, which means they must have a home of some kind. So, unless they were displaced from their home for a time due to issues having to do with “The Troubles”, it’s unlikely this was an issue for him then.

We know he lived at home up until the time he went to RSAMD in Glasgow (since he travelled to and from Belfast Metropolitan on the bus). I consider it unlikely that an out-of-country student would not be required to have proof of housing.

Colin has never had a time in his career when he was not steadily working. He was even hired for his first starring role before he’d even graduated from the academy! I also can’t imagine that the director of Vernon God Little wouldn’t have helped Colin set up some sort of living arrangement, seeing as he was going to have to relocate to London for the role.

After Vernon God Little came All About My Mother and A Prayer for My Daughter right on its heels, and Colin was cast for Merlin while he was still performing in Prayer.

In a video taken during preparations for filming the pilot episode, Colin tells the camera that he “ran around his flat screaming” when he learnt he’d been cast, ergo, he had a flat to run around!

So really, the only time I could see this occurring was during the time he was researching for the role of Cathal, and since he did go to shelters and speak with homeless people as part of his research, it is certainly conceivable that Colin might actually spend a few days on the street to better understand it. I’m not saying he did, but this would be the time that made the most sense, if he did.

Also do you think Colin really did do drugs at all for filming, even just to try it to method act it properly? I know about the herba cigs but the heroin?

Normally I don’t do this when I’m answering a question since I wasn’t there, I’m not inside Colin’s head, nor do I have the access to ask him personally, but I have got to put a big, red stamp of NO on this one.

Not to “goody two shoes” Colin or anything, but considering that:

  • He is a lactose intolerant vegetarian.
  • He cooks his own food.
  • He buys his fruits and vegetables from Farmer’s Markets because he wants to get his food as fresh and chemical free as possible.
  • He carries a water bottle around with him almost constantly.
  • At least some of his clothes are from companies that recycle, and he obviously hangs on to his clothing for a long time.
  • He takes public transportation around London even though it can be a hassle for him because he cares about his carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.
  • He goes on eco-vacations to places like Costa Rica.
  • He does yoga regularly and believes in its health properties.
  • (And this is a big one…) His mother is a nurse.

I grew up as the daughter of a pharmacist (or druggist or chemist depending on where you’re from) and I can tell you that:

A) I learned a very healthy respect for medication at a very young age, and

B) I would have had my arse kicked to kingdom come if I had ever considered abusing them. I would think it would be a similar experience for the son of a nurse.

Now I know that he said he talked to several addicts who were in rehab and they taught him how to look authentic when filming those scenes where Cathal was shooting up. And he said he did a lot of research in the form of reading and talking to people. We also know Colin has a bent toward “method acting” (losing 20+ pounds while he was portraying “Skinny” for Mojo to be more authentic, for example). As I mentioned above, I could even see the possibility of him spending a little time on the streets of Dublin as research (though I would consider it much more likely that someone might have taken him on a “tour” rather than him trying to actually live on the streets).

But there is absolutely no way to convince me that Colin would have taken heroin—an incredibly addictive and highly lethal illegal drug—even once, for method acting or any other purpose.

Finally, any update about casting for The Rising? I am kinda desperate for Colin to do an Irish national film, given how significantly The Troubles affected his life!

I have to think that Colin has been approached by now regarding this project. The question will be whether it’s a project Colin wants in on. I agree that it would be exciting to see him in a film like this, but he’s the one looking at the script and determining if the part speaks to him, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Although originally the timeline given for announcements on casting was supposed to be July, it looks like that timeline has been pushed back a bit. On their Facebook page, someone asked them about whether the movie was fully cast yet and this was their response (as of September 10th):

We are making an announcement about casting this autumn. Please read about our opportunity on our social media and promotion team. Thank you for your interest in The Rising, we really appreciate it. - The Rising Team

If they are still on target for filming to begin in February, hopefully we will hear something about it soon!

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