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get to know me meme: [1/5] casts

Colin: I was telling Bradley about it and I just thought it was hilarious, and I was just talking about that moment in Hot Rod where that song You’re The Voice comes up. And I was going ‘what’s that song, you’re the voice…’, and he was like ‘yeah I know that song!’ And for literally the whole morning he started singing it and then the whole crew were singing it. And then it sorta escalated, didn’t it? So yeah, that’s the origins of You’re The Voice.
Anthony: But Bradley never sings on set.
Colin: Never…
Anthony: Never, no. He’s very shy and retiring…

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Themerlinartsfest2014 —> Instant. Reaching. Enjoyment.

Arthur tried to act nonchalant about the gorgeous guy who just asked his name. The chemistry was instant. Arthur knew he had to have this boy.

"My name is Merlin,"replied gorgeous guy shyly.

"We are destined to meet," said Arthur realizing too late how cheesy he sounded. Hopefully Merlin wouldn’t be scared off by a ridiculous pick up line.

"You are a bit of a prat aren’t you?"

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